About Us

About Halili Davis

As a Child, Halili spent many hours in her mother’s kitchen preparing meals for family and friends. During these hours, she learned how to pair foods and plan entire menus.  Halili has a natural ability when it comes to food preparation and floral design.  She started her culinary journey at 10 years old, when she catered her first party.  At 17 she studied floral design, and opened a flower shop a few years later. Still catering small events, she attended Le Cordon Bleu. She graduated with honors, and went on to be a celebrity Personal Chef.

Halili started Palates and Petals. Her business highlighted her two passions, food and flowers.  Her formal French training and vegetarian upbringing, are combined to create the perfect balance guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. 


About Palates & Petals

At Palates and Petals (P&P) we believe that every floral design and every bite should “Stimulate your senses and, exceed your expectations!” We take pride in providing service that’s truly tailored to the client’s needs. The vision is simple, provide a journey that not only feeds the stomach but contributes to the total sensory experience. Specializing in the Client’s wants while, also introducing them to something new.

At P&P we take pride in using local farmers and businesses to ensure the growth of our community. We are passionate about our food and flowers. P&P believes that great food should be made from scratch and our culinary and floral integrity shall never be compromised. P&P offers Catering, Classes, Personal Chef Services, and Floral Designs for all occasions.